Tuesday , April 7 2020
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Galera Putin lost control

The lack of the usual cohesion in the actions of different branches of power has caused the experts perplexed. Resultant decisions of scientists was not surprised. oduma on Tuesday almost became a place for discussion, and the President had to restore order personally: in any case, so it would seem. …

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Why China can control over the Internet, and in Russia — no

Why China’s great firewall has proven to be so successful? (By the standards of authoritarian regimes, of course). Not because there’s some unique the filtration system. Anyone who has been in China knows that most commercial VPN services can easily cope with the bypass Chinese blocking, and there is no …

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Collapse control

Message Alexei Kudrin, made it in the “Facebook” is interpreted very clearly. The phrase “orgmeropriyatij behind” cannot be thought otherwise than “collapse the control”. The money is allocated, but the control system they are no longer able to “learn”. At all. 32 and 42 per cent of performance from 100 …

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Cossacks under the manual control of Putin

August 3, Passed a Law by which the atamans military Cossack societies will be personally appointed by the President of the Russian Federation. Now the President of Russia has the authority in determining the order of approval and order of approval of the statutes of the Cossack societies, and also …

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Protests will be under the control of the Cossacks

The last protest rally in Moscow passed without incidents from the Cossacks, the security forces though was catching up to the horror, however, was as far as possible correct. Some of the detained were all released without any repercussions for several hours. If there’s some merit to the Cossacks? And …

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On inspection the vehicle control will be enforced

Under the new law, when carrying out all maintenance will be recorded in electronic form to issue a diagnostic card every car owner. This is to ensure that with the passage of maintenance on the part of masters was no fraud and forgery. The amendments to the law were made …

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