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Republican convention proved beyond doubt that the neocons control Trump

“I’m speaking to you from beautiful Jerusalem, looking out over the old city,” said Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, America’s top diplomat and de facto government public relations chief, as he addressed the Republican National Convention from a foreign country. Imagine if the scene had been slightly different, and Pompeo had beamed …

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Let them eat yellowcake: As Powell backs Dems, warmongers seek to regain full control of US policy, regardless of what voters want

We keep hearing how radical leftists have taken over the Democratic Party, but guess who stole the limelight at Tuesday’s Democratic National Convention: the disgraced former Secretary of State Colin Powell who endorsed their presidential candidate, Joe Biden. In fact, Powell, who helped George W. Bush’s administration lie America into …

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EW system seized control over the American strike UAV MQ-9 Reaper

Russian electronic warfare and electronic intelligence became very serious blow to US and NATO after it became aware of the interception management systems, control systems American strike UAV MQ-9 Reaper, writes the Polish edition Defence24. The publication notes that Russia has the technology of production of effective countermeasures, but if …

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Lukashenko has lost control over the situation.

The fact that Putin did not disperse unauthorized rallies Belarusians have consulates of the country in Moscow and St. Petersburg — a clear sign that Lukashenko left them at least in the lurch. However, the fact that the wife of Babariko on election day was in Moscow, and the Russian …

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Galera Putin lost control

The lack of the usual cohesion in the actions of different branches of power has caused the experts perplexed. Resultant decisions of scientists was not surprised. oduma on Tuesday almost became a place for discussion, and the President had to restore order personally: in any case, so it would seem. …

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Why China can control over the Internet, and in Russia — no

Why China’s great firewall has proven to be so successful? (By the standards of authoritarian regimes, of course). Not because there’s some unique the filtration system. Anyone who has been in China knows that most commercial VPN services can easily cope with the bypass Chinese blocking, and there is no …

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