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The company Moon Express plans to expand the extraction of resources on the moon

Компания Moon Express планирует развернуть добычу ресурсов на Луне This will help robotic MX Robotic Explorers.

While some bottom free with using home PC and a specially assembled “farms”, the company Moon Express is preparing to start even more adventurous mining — the extraction of resources beyond Earth. Published by the private space company the project includes the construction at the South pole of the moon base, where you “settle” the robotic mechanisms of the new class.

According to management’s plans Moon Express, which are still hard to believe, the Moon would be subject to the extraction of valuable minerals and will provide for humanity a sufficient quantity of precious metals. This will help robotic Robotic Explorers MX, a lander which will land on the moon on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite by 2020.

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The assurance of the authors of the project, their unique and unparalleled MX Robotic Explorers will be the first automated working on the moon with the ability to extract from its bowels precious metals on an industrial scale. The developers are confident that the full state of “robot miners” will be able to surprise investors with the size of profits in case of successful delivery of the mined Land.

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A lander with MX Robotic Explorers have given the name MX-1E. The tasks of the unit will include not only the arrival of equipment to the moon, but also deliver the valuable booty in the opposite direction. Initially, the stated load capacity MX-1E is 30 kg, but when finalizing MX-1E can be increased.

Start of the carrier rocket to send MX-1E to the goal is planned to launch in New Zealand in the next two years. Alas, the technical details of its Grand mission, representatives of Moon Express did not disclose.

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