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The Canadians built the world’s fastest of electrocast

Канадцы построили самый быстрый в мире электрокартThe 14-strong cards score “hundreds” for 1.5 seconds.

Canadian company Daymak has introduced electric cards called C5 Blast, which the manufacturer hopes will become the fastest in the world. The estimated acceleration time from zero to 96 kilometers per hour it is 1.5 seconds.

Cards feature an unusual propulsion: wheel sets in motion the only 14-horsepower electric motor, and 12 turbogenerators, four of which produce 60 kilograms of thrust and help to disperse the car and eight — lifting force. Due to this, the weight of the card during operation of the power plant is reduced from 200 to 100 pounds.

Race for the record has not yet been performed, however, the company hopes to beat the current record, belonging to the University of applied Sciences of osnabrück and registered in the Guinness Book of records. Their development is accelerated to “hundred” for 2,635 seconds.

Cards Daymak C5 Blast will cost 59 $ 995. However, to be offered for $ 9999. She will receive only the motor and without turbogenerators.

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