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“The blood of Aaron”: in the new piece meet with a vampire hunter

A couple of days ago we showed you an excerpt from the extraordinary movie Tommy Stovall “the Blood of Aaron” (Aaron’s Blood). It is unusual that fits in with the theme of vampirism is not in the forehead, and with a no-fiction. Here we can hardly wait for cool special effects and action-armor: instead, the viewer expect to attract a serious dramatic story. But the bloodsuckers are here not just for decoration.

Recall synopsis:

Aaron tries to adjust to life as single father and to establish a relationship with his son Tate. The closed, but still suffers from a serious disease – hemophilia. Once Tate beat the main school bully, which causes profuse bleeding. The boy was taken to the hospital, doctors are fighting for his life, and after blood transfusion Tate miraculously recovers. But Aaron gradually begins to notice very strange behavior. Coming to the idea that the son turns into a vampire, Aaron asks the help of the local hunter of bloodsuckers and throws all the forces to find the source of the infection until it was too late and the transformation has not been completed.

In this passage it was possible to see how Tate works on vampire blood. Yet, on the positive side, but we know how such stories end. Especially in the dark genre. Today, the network “Zone of Horror” got another text. This time the focus is not infected child, and a couple of police officers, who are not lucky enough to meet a real vampire. And that, in turn, was lucky to meet with hunter.

Judging from the available videos, visually the film is amazing. Still, the impact budget productions. Although in this case it is obvious that the bet is placed on the plot. After all, a good story, known to be able to iron out some technical deficiencies. Well, it will be interesting to see the final result.

The film starred James Martinez, Trevor Stovall, Farah white and Michael Ciffo. Limited theatrical release starts June 2, and June 6, “the Blood of Aaron” will be available on VOD platforms, Blu-ray and DVD. Physical media will be provided with a variety of bonuses: deleted scenes, footage from the shoot and more.

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