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The ancient technologies that is still shocking scientists. Photo

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. ФотоThese technologies have reached an incredible level.

This article provides vivid examples of advanced ancient technologies that were ahead of time. Some of these complex inventions were later re-discovered in the modern era, but not all. There is no doubt that our ancestors possessed advanced knowledge in various fields.

The ancient Peruvians were able to soften the stones? - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

Sacsayhuaman – the citadel on the Northern outskirts of Cusco, ancient capital of the Incas in Peru

Archaeologists and Uchenye scratching their heads over speculation about how it was built the mysterious building Sacsayhuaman in Peru.

Giant stones, of which built this unusual ancient fortress, so heavy that it would be difficult to transport and install, even with the aid of modern technology.

Is the key to unlocking this mystery in the special equipment that the ancient Peruvians used to soften the stone blocks, or the thing in the secret ancient technologies of melting rocks?

According to some researchers, the granite used to build the walls of the fortress in Cuzco, were exposed to very high temperatures, therefore, its outer surface was glassy and smooth.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the stones were softened with the help of some high-tech equipment, and then each block were polished in accordance with cutouts of adjacent stone so they are flush with each other.

Sound effects

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

Hal holiday home Hypogeum-an example of collective, primal rock tombs

The sanctuary of Hal holiday home Hypogeum in Malta is famous for its astonishing acoustics. Hal holiday home is a system of underground caves with an area of about 500 meters, located on three tiers. Corridors and passageways leading to small rooms that date back to 3000-2500 BC. The cave system was discovered in 1902 and “the room of the Oracle,” immediately attracted attention. In this stone room you can hear the incredible sound effects that is having an impact on the human body. Sounds spoken in this room resonate throughout the room, and then how would prosaude through the human body.

Hal holiday home Hypogeum has a dark history. The researchers found in its territory the remains of more than 7,000 people, and many deep pits, crevices and even burial chambers. What experiments were carried out in this strange and mysterious place?

The Lycurgus Cup: an interesting artifact, testifying to the ancient knowledge of nanotechnology

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

The Lycurgus Cup

This amazing artifact proves that our ancestors were ahead of their time. Technique of making a Cup is so perfect that his master had at that time were familiar with what we today call nanotechnology.

This extraordinary Cup is made of dichroic glass that can change its color depending on the lighting – for example, from green to bright red. This unusual effect arises from the fact that the dichroic glass contains a small amount of colloidal gold and silver.

The ancient Baghdad battery

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

The ancient battery in the Baghdad

Scientists suggests that this small and unremarkable in appearance, the artifact is an example of a source of electricity in the ancient world. We are talking about the so-called Baghdad battery Parthian period.

An electric battery, produced about 2000 years ago, was discovered in 1936, the railway workers in the district Kogut-Servant near Baghdad.

It is believed that the first world-known electric battery – the Voltaic pile, was invented by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in 1799, only a year while most sources indicate that the time of occurrence of the Baghdad battery dates back to around 200 BC.

The incredible ancient wonders of metal

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

Column in India is 98 percent pure iron of very high quality. It is believed that the column is cast in one solid piece of iron

It is possible that in ancient times people had not only the technologies of the 21st century, but such knowledge, to which we still aspire.

High-tech methods of hardening and machining large pieces of metal was widespread in ancient times. Our ancestors had extremely complex scientific knowledge for the processing of metal, they inherited from earlier civilizations, which prove found around the world artifacts.

Metallurgical technology was known to many in Ancient China, and it was one of the first civilizations, where they began to produce cast iron.

In Ancient India were able to produce iron, which is not subjected to rust due to the high content of phosphorus in it. One of these steel columns with a height of 7 meters and weighing about 6 tons is installed in front of the Qutub Minar in Delhi, India.

Worldwide evidence of drilling technology rocks

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

The stones (even the hardest) powerleveling openings in architectural, ritualistic or symbolic purposes

Evidence of the existence of this incredible technology, widespread in antiquity, can be found all over the world. Already in ancient times the builders were able to make perfectly round holes in stones and solid rocks.

This impressive technique of drilling the stones suggests that our ancestors were familiar with sophisticated technology – creating such large holes is impossible without the engineering skills and the availability of the necessary sterledeva equipment.

The legendary “Sun stones” of the Vikings helped them to navigate the seas

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

During the time of Viking magic “sun stone” helped mariners find their way in the absence of the sun

In the sagas about the Norwegian Vikings contain references about the mysterious and magical “Sun stone” with which sailors can determine the position of the sun.

In the tales about the Holy Olaf, the Viking king, along with other magical objects mentioned and some mysterious crystals, so the possibility of the existence of these stones for a long time was in doubt.

However, when archaeologists discovered this unusual crystal, it became clear that the legendary stones of the Vikings existed in reality.

Ancient and complex technique of gilding on the basis of mercury, which many have not reached the modern technologies

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

Most often the technique of gilding and silvering were used for decoration, although sometimes they were used to fraudulently give the appearance of gold or silver less valuable items

In ancient times, jewelers, working with gold and silver, used mercury for gilding of domes and interiors in many countries of the ancient world.

These complex processes used for the production and coating of articles such as jewels, statues, amulets.

While most of the techniques of gilding and silvering were used for decoration, sometimes they were used to fraudulently give the appearance of gold or silver less valuable items.

From a technological point of view, the ancient masters already 2000 years ago managed to make these metallic coatings are incredibly thin and durable, allowing you to save precious metal and improve their durability.

Recent discoveries indicate a high level of expertise of the ancient craftsmen who were able to produce items of such quality that it was impossible to beat in those days, and which have not even reached the modern technology.

Ancient computer: the mysterious mechanism of Antikythera is still full of mysteries

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

Researchers have long been debating where and by whom was built this device

In 1900, near the small island of Antikythera, 25 miles Northwest of Crete was discovered an unusual bronze object of unknown purpose. After the curious scientists pulled that artifact out of the water and cleared it, they found parts of some complex mechanism, consisting of different gears.

Perfectly smooth rims of the mechanism and discovered some remains of inscriptions, in all probability, meet his primary function.

Most likely, the mechanism is an astronomical clock without a pendulum, however, as in Greek and Roman literature, not one mention of this ancient computer. The artifact was discovered near the sunken ship, presumably in the 1st century BC.

Highly advanced robots in Ancient China

Древние технологии, которые до сих пор шокируют ученых. Фото

There are many examples of robots in Ancient China

In Ancient China there existed highly advanced robots that could sing, dance, act as servants and perform other complex tasks.

Some of these impressive robots consisted of elements similar to human organs, bones, muscles, joints, skin and hair.

A very remarkable fact, considering that only recently modern civilization has invented humanoid robots. This suggests that in Ancient China the art of engineering and mechanics has reached a very high level of development.

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