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Shocking beauty: charm of body modification. Photo

Self-expression in people manifests itself in different ways: some people paint pictures or music, and others make unusual hairstyle, and others put your body different versions. In this collection you will see representatives of the latter category of people who show their personality, hiding his natural appearance over all sorts …

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Shocking facts about the Masonic society. Photo

They emanate an aura of mystery. The masons — an organization shrouded in mystery for several centuries. Someone says something about them as secret world leaders, someone like about the occult sect, someone accused of conspiracy and impact on people’s lives. But what is the truth? Here are some facts …

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Shocking finds in abandoned houses. Video

What are the new owners in attics and basements. People move for different reasons. They leave their houses at home, forgetting to pick up all your things, or intentionally leaving some of them, not wanting to take them to a new life. The new owners and stalkers making their way …

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Inventions of the past, shocking still. Photo

Some inventions just complicate people’s lives. What in other times was quite commonplace, today is a surprise. Human history is replete with funny, strange, and sometimes shocking inventions. We offer you to look at the 10 most unusual objects of everyday life of the past. 1. Poleni, the dream of …

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Shocking photos: life in the Chinese slum. Photo

In Chinese, Guangzhou is the provincial slums that will soon be demolished About this place is pretty much known in the near future it is likely to disappear from the map of the city. There will be only photos and memories. This area was founded around 800 years ago and …

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