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The Amazon basin is threatened with extinction

Бассейну реки Амазонки грозит исчезновениеScientists from around the world predict impending disaster in the Amazon.

They calculated the index DEVI to different areas of the Amazonian lowlands. It ranges from 0 to 100. A value of 100 means that the ecosystem is completely destroyed.

As noted in the study higher values DEVI (80) have on the territory relating to Madeira, the biggest tributary of the Amazon, where it has the “Santo Antonio” and “jirou” — two large hydropower plants. Also large value index was in the basins of the Maranon and Ucayali (71 and 61).

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Scientists say that the main danger to the Amazon represent deforestation, soil erosion and diversion of rivers.

These territories are going to build a 428 HPP.

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