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Technology Cord in Khabarovsk went

Технология Шнура в Хабаровске не зашла

Cord impressed in Khabarovsk on Nizovtseva (well, he’s a professional), the representatives of the “Open Russia”, and Degtyarev, although he was more impressed with the honeysuckle.

The protesters either didn’t recognize, either for him to put in short, probably not the first time the audience ran for the Cord, and the Cord with the public.

That is the technology of the Cord, which he decided to sell the demiurge of internal policy, not gone. Its essence is to shift the focus and bind Degtyarev to the authority in the eyes of public opinion. The Cord is not necessary to praise Degtyarev — because it would come out expensive. It is important to be listed, separated by commas.


Great case! Another reason to understand what to order political posts Buzova and move to the Duma Cord is a bad and ridiculous idea. But I strongly doubt that you will understand. Blame it on the excess of the perpetrator, i.e. the Cord. Soon it will smoothly return to the stage.


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