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Where a lot of the state, inevitably lag technology

We can’t move? Or “reach out”, or just change? Once again, in a few sentences — what is the reality in which you live? Why the specialist discouraged when it seems that she can’t change — and, most importantly, the people in it decision-makers with the strange heads and dominated …

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The canadian company declares readiness of the technology of 100% recycling of Li-ion batteries

Established three years ago, the canadian company Li-Cycle claims that its new two-stage recycling process of lithium-ion batteries allows you to extract 80%-100% material. The company notes that most other companies specializing in the recycling of li-ion batteries, using processes based on pyrometallurgy, i.e., melting components, which ultimately yields 30% …

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The scientists saw a serious danger in 5G technology

Can arise a conflict between the hardware. Next year, scientists predict a real boom for new generation mobile Internet 5G. However, they believe that the launch of a new mobile standard can seriously affect weather forecasting. What is a threat. New generation wireless connection may damage important satellite instruments, which …

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