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As washing the dishes and walks affect life expectancy

Wash according to the courts, as well as many other household chores, have a positive impact on health. Daily light physical exercises, which include walking, washing dishes and other household work have a positive effect on the duration of life, say U.S. scientists. The team from the University of California …

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Ani Lorak showed how walks with her daughter

The singer shared with fans a touching family photo. Known Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak showed the fans how was her walk with her daughter Sophia. Ani Lorak came to Kiev on business — singer sewing here new costumes. However, the artist found in your busy schedule and time for his …

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The Japanese set up a fan for walks

Summer is extremely hot, because in Japan, appeared in the sale of portable fan Portable Fan that you can carry on the street. Portable Fan designed for use on the street and in public transport, because of its fastening system conceived in such a way that the user’s hands were …

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Keanu Reeves walks in St. Petersburg alone

EastNews Recently, 52-year-old Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) was observed in St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport: the actor arrived in the Northern capital on the filming of “Siberia”. Drama directed by Matthew Ross tells of the merchant who arrives in Russia to sell rare blue diamonds, but instead meets a …

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