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Keanu Reeves walks in St. Petersburg alone


Recently, 52-year-old Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves (Keanu Reeves) was observed in St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo airport: the actor arrived in the Northern capital on the filming of “Siberia”. Drama directed by Matthew Ross tells of the merchant who arrives in Russia to sell rare blue diamonds, but instead meets a girl and falls in love.


The St. Petersburg fans of the actor, knowing his whereabouts, trying to see a celebrity up close. On the day of arrival Reeves at the hotel “Astoria” gathered a crowd of fans to at least one eye to look at your pet.

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However, Keanu is famous for its affordability and simplicity, does not survive and goes around town in splendid isolation. However, most of the time, the actor still holds on the set.

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Many fans still managed to catch idol and had his picture taken with him. Keanu was not against and with pleasure posed.

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Earlier in the Network appeared the trailer of the movie “Bad batch”, a role which she played Keanu Reeves and Jim Carrey. The scene of post-apocalyptic paintings will be a Texas wasteland, home to a community of cannibals. One of them, known by the nickname of People from Miami, falls in love with his potential food.

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