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Big Pharma unveils plans to tackle new ‘Omicron’ strain

With the World Health Organization (WHO) designating Omicron the latest “variant of concern” following an emergency meeting on Friday, warning that the highly mutated strain could be more infectious than those seen before it, Big Pharma quickly launched into PR-mode, as several firms rushed to outline how they would combat …

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‘Checkmate’: Russia unveils new warplane… with no pilot

In a flashy teaser released on Monday, Rostec and Russia’s publicly owned aerospace giant UAC showed off renderings of the fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-75, codenamed ‘Checkmate.’ A variant of the stealth jet, they confirmed, will be made available without a cockpit. Instead, its onboard computer will allow it to fly autonomously, …

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NATO unveils master plan to defeat Russia in nuclear war, as Moscow says ‘confrontational’ playbook shows it was right to cut ties

On Thursday, ministers met in Brussels to sign off the scheme, named the “Concept for Deterrence and Defense in the Euro-Atlantic Area.” According to NATO’s General Secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, it is part of efforts to “continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernized plans.” The bloc’s officials insist they …

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Russia unveils combat robots that can take down tanks without putting soldiers in harm’s way, as part of massive Zapad war games

In footage released by the country’s Ministry of Defense, two models of unmanned fighting vehicles showed off their capabilities and armaments, practicing turning fire on a simulated enemy during the Zapad-2021 joint exercises. Among the two is the Uran-9 armored fighting vehicle, built like a conventional tank but driven remotely. …

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