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Singer Danko treats daughter with special needs acupuncture Since the birth of the youngest daughter Agatha singer Danko (real name — Alexander Fadeyev) and his wife Natalie are fighting for her health, the girl was born with a diagnosis of multicasts of the brain and cerebral palsy. According to doctors, a little Agatha will never be able …

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9 sweet treats that will not harm your body

Each of us loves to pamper themselves with something tasty. Oddly enough, but sweets are often useful. Eating regular chocolate, you are not just gaining a little extra calories, but thereby improve brain function, mood and become a little kinder. Marshmallows. Made this tasty treat of Apple sauce that do …

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Favourite treats of Soviet children. Photo

A great option for a snack. Bread with sugar, dry jelly, tar instead of gum, boiled condensed milk, burnt sugar etc. Modern children do not understand, and we will never forget. Let’s remember our favourite treats from childhood.White bread with butter and sugar The most simple and elementary to prepare …

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