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Who treats the doctor butchers?

Кого лечит доктор Мясников?

Every day is pronounced by the mass of absurdities, but that word about those who are destined to die from coronavirus, worked as a trigger that caused a storm of indignation in society.

Runet almost a week boils over TV presenter and doctor Alexander Myasnikov, who said the following: “who should die will die anyway”. These words caused an uproar. Some users began to ask natural in this case, the question: is a real doctor, Mr butchers?

If in a similar kind expressed by the representative of the clergy, then there would remain only shrug, as though we are naive to believe that even the clergy can and should change — after all in the XXI century, not the dark Ages — but in this case it would have been more or less clear. God gave, God took — why bother?

Would be well advised, Mr Myasnikov to change the scope of activities, put on a robe and broadcast from the pulpit, and not be reported by a cardiologist. But, apparently, while he is going to do. Besides, so says a priest, and a medic, in addition to all the regalia, also act as the official representative of the information center for the coronavirus.

The next day, the butchers explained his words. He said that he was misunderstood, and controversial phrase out of context. But I wish he didn’t do it, because only aggravated the situation.

“Look, as gave my words of yesterday live on u-Tube channel: “the official representative” (!!!) said “nothing to do” (!!!), we all “all the same all will parabolee” and “who should die — die” — he wrote. In actual fact, says the butchers, he only fights with panic.

But, no doubt, no one left, he reiterates caused the indignation of citizens the phrase, adding it to dull the word “God”: “all who are supposed to (by God) to die — to die.” Like a true physician of the present age, he seems absolutely convinced that against this argument, certainly no one will trample.

But here naturally there are other issues. He is the God himself said? Or, for example, is this: who will decide what this man of God must die, and this, so be it, let her suffer? Doctor butchers or the power that it (stress it) represents both de jure and de facto, speaking on many TV, radio and online channels?

Further Myasnikov writes: “Those who want to shut me up permanently discrediting and distortion of my words, that anyway will not succeed — I have a large margin!”.

“There are things, say, saints for every state: this flag is the status of its President. No matter how you to it can somewhere be, he is the head of the country, the passport you carry, if you please to respect him, and words including… do Not like it put the language in there, than sitting, and Boas,” said the other butchers in his speech on the YouTube channel of Vladimir Solovyov.

Here the good doctor is clearly confusing your own words and threats against opponents of the regime. Myasnikov just no offers anatomically impossible manipulation. Mouth he was no plug, it is impossible in the current environment.

And regarding what such as butchers “large margin”, there is no doubt. Proximity to power, this stock is guaranteed for him. In the program “live” Andrei Malakhov he once said, “When you’re standing next to the President in such a situation, a feeling that you can do anything, you have nothing to fear”.

And indeed it is. Therefore, it can be everything. Wanted to be chief of a large Moscow hospital, literally poked his finger: “this one” — and please! He’s her doctor.

“Once I went to the country where I live, and saw among the trees a building, similar to a hospital. Did not have good luck. Asked: “Can I the hospital?” I was told to wait six months — there’s the main doctor left for a new position, he was transferred, I was assigned to. It turns out that I just poked a finger at the map,” said butcher in an interview

At the same time, you need to understand what today in Russia, the head physician of the hospital, and even the capital. A soldier of the party, as discussed earlier. Stay on this post, and get paid substantially more than your subordinates only if you perform the task “of party and government”. The party, however, today is somewhat different — capitalist, but his human “very conservative, still in the USSR” this fact does not bother.

The head physician of the hospital is a notorious “effective Manager”, set to this position to implement the policy, the notorious “optimization” of health care. Butchers, as we can see, works in the information field, substantiating and popularizing all that and brought our medicine to its present state.

So that you can be sure, if “soldiers of the party” saying something, it is not only his personal opinion. “The party and the government” took the course to minimize quarantine — so for them it is expensive. Now it is trusted “experts” who can justify anything.

The power is in their debt remains. It is no secret how earning the doctor of butchers — his income tax return for the year 2018, which indicates the amount of 14 million rubles. And land, house, apartment, cars, ATVs… Son is, of course, at the Sorbonne. What patriot Putin, but without Chad in the West?
And rightly so. If the government will change, there is no doubt that its promoters with a medical background, and without, will know what to do and where to go. And we will see a repeat of scenes from brilliant plays by Eugene Schwartz “Ordinary miracle”:

Admin. Doctor his head to vouch for me that the Princess’s going to be okay. She’s just wedding fever as I call it.

Runs the hunter.

Hunter. Misfortune, misfortune! The doctor ran away!

Because “margin” is also not eternal, and God gave, God took.


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