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Going out in style: converted Tesla hearse makes its debut

The electric hearse, called the ‘Wisper’ (sic), produces zero emissions and will operate across almost 60 funeral branches run by the Portsmouth-based company Southern Co-op. The catafalque is reportedly being recharged at its sites using electricity from renewable sources. The service vehicle, measuring around 5.8 meters [19 feet] in length, …

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Ukraine plans Trump-style border barrier against Russia & Belarus

Speaking to lawmakers on Friday, Denis Monastirsky requested around $640 million be allocated for engineering equipment on the frontiers with Russia and Belarus, which span a whopping 1,974 and 1,084 kilometers (1,226 and 673.5 miles) respectively. According to the official, Kiev’s updated demarcation line cannot be just a concrete wall …

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Pegasus-style spyware found on thousands of smartphones

Used by governments worldwide to spy on rival politicians, foreign powers, journalists, lawyers, and business figures, NSO Group’s Pegasus malware has gotten significant media attention since its existence was revealed earlier this year by activists. While the Israeli firm has found itself maligned by the press and blacklisted by Washington, …

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Quad-given talent: World champ Shcherbakova restores jump in style by taking Grand Prix gold as 15yo Khromykh seals silver (VIDEO)

Known for her abilities to perform the quad Lutz and quad flip with astonishing skill, Shcherbakova has occasionally shown her frustrations after struggling with the moves in competitions. Despite an underwhelming short program at the showpiece in Turin, Shcherbakova struck back to prove the remarkable credentials that helped her to secure gold in Stockholm. …

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American Express CRT-style ‘diversity training’ tells employees capitalism is based on ‘systemic racism’ – reports

A trove of internal documents published by journalist Christopher Rufo on Wednesday purported to show a diversity training course put on by the financial services giant last year, largely centered on promoting “racial equity and progress.” Trafficking heavily in concepts such as “white privilege,” “microaggressions” and “intersectionality,” the course informs white …

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Brits face never-ending ‘woke’ culture wars as American-style divisions on way to take hold in UK, pollster warns

The long-time Republican Party operative began examining the top causes of concern among British voters, after joining the London-based Centre for Policy Studies in May. Having surveyed several thousand people, he found that Britain was increasingly being divided along ‘woke’ versus ‘non-woke’ lines, rather than by the traditional social and cultural …

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