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Taser clarifies proposal for armed drones in US schools

The firm that produces Taser stun guns was forced to reverse course after its CEO suggested it would create armed, “non-lethal” drones to deploy in American schools as a way to stop mass shooters, immediately triggering outrage from within the company itself.  Rick Smith – CEO of Axon Enterprise, formerly …

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Aztec gods left with no chants at California schools

Students at California public schools won’t be asked to recite a chant based on Aztec religious practices, which some parents compared to a prayer to “demotic” pagan gods, who used to get human sacrifices. The California Board of Education and Department of Education (CDE) agreed to drop the rite from …

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Segregation returns to American schools

Alpha News reported on December 21 that a Minnesota school board unanimously voted to pay black teachers and Native-American teachers more than their white colleagues on no basis other than color – not for merit or seniority or for taking on extra duties. They also voted to segregate staff into …

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Private schools in England refuse to admit transgender pupils

More than two dozen private girls’ schools in England have said they will not “jeopardize” their status by admitting transgender students, as a teachers’ union calls on the government to provide more clarity on trans matters. The Girls’ Day School Trust (GDST) updated its gender identity policy guidance in December, …

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WATCH teachers battle for dollars in schools funds

The video shared on social media by a local reporter shows teachers taking part in a ‘Dash for Cash’ event, which includes the educators wearing helmets and scrambling for about $5,000 worth of single-dollar bills in a hockey rink.  Ten teachers were invited to battle for the cash at a …

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