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Lost and refrigerator, and TV

To save your main tool of propaganda, the Russian government will go to the most absurd and radical measures. Two or three hundred rubles a month each. Is quite inexpensive, but the First channel will be with us always. The inclusion of graphs for viewing the Federal TV in utility …

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The main rules of storing food in the refrigerator

Each product has its place in the fridge, which few people realize. After all, when we come out of the store with purchases, only want to put on the shelf, ignoring the location. Incorrect positioning of the products in the refrigerator can lead to rapid damage or deterioration of its …

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Experts suggested how to store food in the refrigerator

They claim, for each category of products in the fridge should be “their” place. Since the invention of the refrigerator, storing food has become much easier. But here, there are new complexities and nuances. Let’s just say, nothing critical when the violation happens, but the taste can vary greatly. Plus …

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Panasonic has created a “live” refrigerator

An unusual device has a number of functions. At Europe’s largest technology conference that kicked off in early September in Berlin, the Panasonic company presented a mini-fridge with the function of movement in the room. Refrigerator Panasonic responds to voice commands and moves around the apartment, With built-in depth sensors …

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These products are not place in the refrigerator

Refrigerator spoils the taste and nutritional quality. Let’s turn our attention to the refrigerator: do we use it? The main kitchen of the Keeper must always be kept in order and clean. However, its functionality and ease provoke us to store there everything completely indiscriminately. Experts have compiled a list …

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These products must not be stored in the refrigerator

Not all food should be kept in the refrigerator to preserve their nutrients. About it on the pages of Newspapers told gastroenterologists from the United States, pointing out common mistakes people associated with cold storage. In particular, experts said, no need to store in the fridge potatoes – this vegetable …

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