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Lost and refrigerator, and TV

Проиграл и холодильник, и телевизор

To save your main tool of propaganda, the Russian government will go to the most absurd and radical measures.

Two or three hundred rubles a month each. Is quite inexpensive, but the First channel will be with us always. The inclusion of graphs for viewing the Federal TV in utility payments recognized in the government the most promising — “because it will reduce over the next 20 years to repay debts for the stream”. The amount may vary “depending on the inflation or the cost of services of the telecentre”.

Flinched? Me too. But for now it’s just a joke of an online publication. Only it’s not funny. In our fabulous country can not promise that tomorrow, this humorous idea will not become a harsh reality. In fact, we so a long time ago to keep on their taxes giant propaganda machine and those who watch TV and those who long ago threw it away or use it as a screen for the Internet broadcast.

Every year hundreds of billions of rubles from the budgets of all levels (only officially) are used to Finance media that is not so informed, how fool of our brother, not so much to entertain and develop, how many stupefy. And just stop beating for the client — after all, where there still, a gun disappears the competition. Leading advocates of the country to acquire real estate in the best parts of the world, but Federal channels at the same time, as it turned out, waste away with each passing day. Even communal the same First nothing to pay the whole debt, as some opposition TV.

Head of Ostankino crying bitter tears, such a ruin in the assigned Department never did. “For the first time in 15 years of practice the last three or four years, the accident rate began to increase, and avalanche. We in many things do not guarantee the ether, the efficiency of the telecentre. This is very nasty situation, but can not do anything” — media quoted the General Director of the Ostankino centre Mikhail Shubin.

There is no doubt that the matter is somehow resolved. Debts paid off, additional subsidies First channel are selected — not to include him in the register of defaulters. But osadochek remain. Apparently, the Federal TV channels are losing not only viewers, but also advertisers, which makes sense. But YouTube is just arriving, even annoying was. At the same Duda — commercial breaks almost every 15 minutes. Parfyonov with Pivovarov case is also clearly doing well.

Young bloggers gather millions of views, spending on content creation in the thousands, if not millions of times smaller than the old TV-monsters. Their YouTube channels vying to open even the stars of domestic show business, who regularly appear on television. They think about the future: will tomorrow turn off the TV for debt — where to get viewers and money?

Don’t need to be a genius telemanagers to understand what is happening. As it was stated by the General Director of TV channel “Friday” Nikolai kartoziya, “now comes dorsad television, and he accelerated with great force”: “Come on taffy, and already when you look at the scenery you get caught in the atmosphere of the early television era. TV stars on TEFI, none to come young girls and boys do not know. Autographs, no one takes only a selfie”.

The country was divided into two camps: those who still remained faithful to the television, and those who have gone beyond information and entertainment to the Internet. The first camp is doomed to failure — its adherents grow old and die.

What to do in such a situation the state? The output of the two. To develop and rejuvenate the TV or close YouTube, and it is better the entire Internet. The first option, I’m afraid, not for the current effective managers, who, in fact, brought Russian TV to a state full of “rasmotrenie”. It remains to stifle what others have created. I think in this way and will go in the near future. And the law on the promotion of drugs in the Network, one of the first steps.

The dispute in recent years about who would win a TV or a refrigerator, was resolved unexpectedly: they both lost. In the refrigerator all less bread and circuses won’t do the same to the TV. I think this is the final diagnosis to the state, which destroys and ruins everything it touches.

And, by the way, mandatory contributions for the opportunity to watch (or not watch) TV is not such impossible thing in our country. After all, we already pay for the repair, for example. While some of us during his lifetime it never will. But others — those who saw, praying to them that never happened. Because the Russian state overhaul is not less terrible than Russian state television.

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