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These products must not be stored in the refrigerator

Эти продукты нельзя хранить в холодильникеNot all food should be kept in the refrigerator to preserve their nutrients.

About it on the pages of Newspapers told gastroenterologists from the United States, pointing out common mistakes people associated with cold storage.

In particular, experts said, no need to store in the fridge potatoes – this vegetable should be kept interspersed in a cardboard box in a dark ventilated place. In the refrigerator, as noted by the experts, potato starch quickly converts to sugar, making the product dangerous from the point of view of nutrition.

It also makes no sense to put in the fridge carrots, because its storage does not tolerate moisture and extreme cold. While long in the freezer, the carrot becomes watery and quickly rot, said the experts.

In addition, the negative temperature of the fridge quickly spoils of citrus fruit. For full ripening them the necessary room temperature, the scientist said. According to them, in the fridge you can remove the sliced pineapple or sliced watermelon and cantaloupe. But in this case, the storage should not exceed two days, and do the cut part of the fruit must be covered, for example, placed in a container.

Not suitable for storage in the refrigerator and the olive oil. Those who removes it there, and simply spoil good product, olive oil is enough to keep in a dark and cool place, suggested by the doctors.

Scientists are reminded that coolers often accumulate dangerous bacteria. An earlier study showed that the refrigerator in General can be considered the dirtiest place in the kitchen almost all people. For this reason, do not need to load a refrigerator a large number of products – in a close neighborhood they dwell microorganisms that can cause food poisoning.

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