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India considers taxing crypto purchases from overseas exchanges

The country’s digital tax, popularly known as the ‘Google tax’, came into effect over a year ago. It is chargeable at a rate of 2% on consideration received by non-residents who operate digital businesses targeting, among other things, the Indian market. The equalization levy could apply to the selling price …

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The government wants to classify purchases of Roscosmos

State Corporation “Roscosmos” can afford to classify their purchases. The government has developed a draft resolution by which the company will be able to identify the perpetrators of the contracts closed method. Document published on the portal of legal acts. “To establish that the implementation of procurement in the space …

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In Russia impose a tax on online purchases

The Russian government is preparing another prank with you, the Russians. We are talking about introduction of taxes on purchases in online stores, leading to inappropriate execution. The state Duma is already considering the appropriate capability, so those who regularly buys something in your network, you need to think in …

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Theoretically, Ukraine may resume gas purchases from Russia

The Cabinet does not believe in the safety of import of cheap gas from Russia. To purchase natural gas directly from Gazprom in the existing format of relations is very risky and irresponsible, however, the transfer to Europe of Russian gas on the border with Russia could change the situation. …

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