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Wagner chief declares Bakhmut ‘formally captured’

The head of the Russian private military company (PMC), Evgeny Prigozhin, has announced a milestone achievement in the battle for the city of Artryomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut), publishing a video allegedly taken in front of the town’s administrative building on Sunday evening. “We hoisted the Russian flag with …

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US declares public health emergency

The US administration on Thursday declared the monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency, two weeks after the World Health Organization upgraded its classification of the virus. Health Secretary Xavier Becerra announced the declaration during a briefing, telling reporters that the White House is urging “every American to take monkeypox seriously.” By …

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Biden declares US energy emergency

President Joe Biden has blamed Russia for another crisis, saying the US might not be able to generate enough electricity to meet consumer demand partly because of Moscow’s military offensive against Ukraine. The president declared an energy emergency on Monday, saying national security and quality of life are jeopardized by …

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Bees are fish, US court declares

Four species of bumblebees have been reclassified as ‘fish’ in the state of California so that they can be protected under its Endangered Species Act, a court ruled on Tuesday, reversing a 2020 ruling and affirming that the term ‘fish’ shouldn’t be confined to merely ‘aquatic’ invertebrates under the law. …

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Hungary declares state of emergency

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban declared a state of emergency on Tuesday, citing the conflict in Ukraine, just hours after parliament approved the measure as a way for Budapest to respond to crisis situations. Orban announced the emergency in a video address on his Facebook page. The emergency regime takes effect …

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North Korea declares Covid emergency

North Korea has announced a national emergency after its first officially acknowledged Covid-19 outbreak, imposing tough quarantine measures after long claiming to have kept cases at zero throughout the pandemic. The ruling Workers’ Party of Korea “discussed the problem of coping with the quarantine crisis” during a meeting on Thursday, …

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US oil giant declares Russia force majeure

ExxonMobil said on Wednesday that its Russian unit Exxon Neftegas has declared force majeure for its Sakhalin 1 operations due to sanctions. It has become increasingly difficult to ship crude to customers, the company explained. The Sakhalin 1 project produces Sokol crude oil off the coast of Sakhalin Island in …

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Fauci declares end of ‘pandemic’ in US

White House Covid-19 adviser Anthony Fauci has said that the “pandemic phase” of the coronavirus outbreak is finally over in the United States, citing a fall in daily infections and hospitalizations, while warning the health crisis is not over yet.  In an interview with PBS NewsHour on Tuesday, Fauci offered some …

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