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Coronavirus and the new middle Ages

“Recently, with the different parties begin to speak about our era as a new middle Ages. The question arises, whether it is prophecy or a statement of fact. In other words: we have entered the era of a new middle ages, or, as expressed by Roberto Vacca, in his disturbing …

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Russian coronavirus not threatened

Russian coronavirus not threatened. God is with us, Putin… and the Cossacks, Yes. So the virus no state Department will not help. At the very least we (Russian) anyway to get to Paradise (TM), and they (the others) know what to do. Europeans are jealous of the stability and economic …

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In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus

In Russia identified 11 new cases of infection with coronavirus, reports RIA “Novosti”. According to the operational headquarters, the total number of infected per day increased from 34 to 45. Five new cases of infection with coronavirus recorded in Moscow, three in St. Petersburg. One in the Leningrad region, Moscow …

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Russian children began to play coronavirus

A resident of Kaluga said witnessed new children’s role play — “the coronavirus”. Reports the publication of “Kaluga lens” published a column about the coronavirus, which refers to the cases of xenophobia because of the fear of the townspeople to become infected. In the comments to the post on …

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Coronavirus in a hospital in Moscow, the patient died

In the Moscow medical centre in the village of Kommunarka, where hospitalitynet infected with a coronavirus, the Russians, the patient died. It is reported by Telegram-channel edition of Baza. It is known that 75-year-old man in mid-February returned from Northern Italy, and on March 10 he felt unwell and called …

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What event was cancelled because of the coronavirus?

Hysteria or not, and still with events I would really hold off. What damage the virus has caused to the world? February 3 in Sochi had to pass the investment forum. It was postponed indefinitely. 4 Feb in Singapore canceled a summit before the Singapore Airshow because of the coronavirus. …

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