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Sport coupe Alpine is “pumped” to 305 forces

Alpine will make easier and is “pumped” to 305 forces The first sports car brand revived Alpine — A110 — get “charged” modification Sport with a 305-horsepower engine. In addition to forced a 1.8-liter turbo, the company is also planning to reduce the weight of the “hot” versions. The car …

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The world’s most beautiful Alpine hotels. Photo

To visit this hotel is destined not for everyone. Round wanting limited to a fairly high rate. But if you were there, then you are destined to at least aesthetic orgasm from all that surrounds you, because these hotels were built with a mind for true connoisseurs. Hotel Salto Chico, …

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Terms of the disappearance of the Alpine resorts

From global warming will suffer the most ski resorts. European scientists predicted the loss of the Alpes up to 70 percent of today’s snow cover by 2100. Devoted to a study published in the journal The Cryosphere, and briefly about it informs the European Union of Earth Sciences. Scientists forecast …

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Europe will destroy Alpine super volcano – scientists

Europe could destroy Alpine SUPERVOLCANO. According to some scientists that he could have caused the mysterious disappearance of the Neanderthals, and not the predatory habits of the CRO-magnons. Through the South of Europe is a seismic fault at the junction of the Intercontinental plates. This ensures that the entire region …

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