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Sport coupe Alpine is “pumped” to 305 forces

Спорткупе Alpine «прокачают» до 305 сил Alpine will make easier and is “pumped” to 305 forces

The first sports car brand revived Alpine — A110 — get “charged” modification Sport with a 305-horsepower engine.

In addition to forced a 1.8-liter turbo, the company is also planning to reduce the weight of the “hot” versions. The car thanks to the simplified interior will weigh approximately 50 pounds lighter than conventional Alpine A110 — about 1050 pounds.

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Suspension the car will become tougher — “about 15-20 percent,” the company says. In Alpine reverse robotized transmission with two clutches, steering and stabilization system as well as install a new release. The only element that will remain will be the brakes.

The Sport version is expected to appear by the summer of 2018. The cost of the machine will be about 10-15 percent more expensive than usual sports car. The price of regular Alpine A110 start from 58,5 thousand euros.

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Alpine A110 coupe debuted in March. Rear-wheel drive the car has a 1.8 motor with a capacity of 252 power and seven-step “robot”. The first hundred kilometers per hour the car is gaining 4.5 seconds. Next:

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