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Strange phenomenon, remaining a mystery to scientists. Photo

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. ФотоThe world is still a lot of mystery.

In our days science is powerful, but not omnipotent. There are phenomena that modern scientists can’t explain and they still remain a real mystery to mankind.

Taossky buzz

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

For many years the inhabitants of the town of Taos in the southwest USA hear coming out of the wilderness of low-frequency noise of unknown origin. The so-called taossky buzz similar to the movement of heavy equipment on the highway, although no major roads in the town of no. Often it leads to severe mental illnesses and cases of suicide among those who had heard the noise. Some residents see this as an ill omen. Scientists find the source of the hum has not yet succeeded.
Deja vu

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

Deja vu translates from French as “already seen”. It’s a weird feeling in which a person feels that he has definitely experienced some kind of situation. All the power of the experience of deja vu is the feeling that there were hundreds of options, how could pass this time, but you lived a life so that the result was in this situation and in this place, like it was meant to be. Scientists make various assumptions of this phenomenon: the change of coordinate time the brain to a repeated situation of dreams. However, the scientific study of déjà vu is difficult because it cannot be artificially evoked.
Visions in clinical death

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

People who have experienced clinical death, sometimes reported, like each other vision in the form of a tunnel with a light at the end, the thrill of flight, meeting with their deceased loved ones, etc. this phenomenon even has a term — “near death experience”. The main problem is that the brain almost completely shuts down soon after the heart stops, that is, in a state of clinical death of a person, in principle, nothing to feel or worry about. There are theories explaining the problem and even each type of visions. But why do some patients remember what was happening in the place where they reanimated, accurate to the smallest detail — that science can not explain.

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

The mention of ghosts starts in historic legends and continues in the news today. Not only has the collective evidence about the meeting with the spirits, but such striking evidence, like photos and videos. Scientists reveal many paranormal phenomena, explaining it’s mass hysteria, mental disorders or various poisonings of the body. But still there are cases that cannot be explained by any one theory.

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

Or, as we call, sixth sense. Science still can not explain the nature of this phenomenon. Some scholars argue that the ability to feel the right choice is absolute for each of us. This ability is embedded in each birth just people have forgotten how to use it, developing only five of their senses.

The placebo effect

Странные явления, оставшиеся загадкой для ученых. Фото

The placebo effect is one of the major “unknowns” of medical science. It is unclear how the mere belief in the healing properties accept “empty pills” can heal the body. Whether it is lupus or even cancer — sometimes self-hypnosis can help even the most terrible diseases. If a person can only power of the mind to heal itself, sometimes even fatal diseases, is it a glance into the abyss of our capabilities?

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