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Stephen lang will be outraged in all subsequent “Avatars”

A feeling that James Cameron in a day is not 24 hours, and much more. Otherwise, how else to explain that he has so much time? Gives a lot of interviews, energetically promoting the upcoming 3D release of “doomsday” is going to do the same tride-trick and with “Strangers”, is working on a new trilogy of terminator… needless to say that he’s in the mysterious world of Pandora shipped? Yes, many sequels of mega-successful “Avatar” themselves will not be removed.

In the week came the interesting news on caste continue (continuation). Tremble, positive heroes: Colonel miles quaritch is returned. Brutal, uncompromising, well-trained and very dangerous. And do not care that he was killed in the finale of the original film. By the way, we see again and Sigourney weaver, whose character also died. And how it will substantiate the writers is debatable.

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Quaritch was played by the wonderful actor Steven lang: fans of horror not so long ago, could see him as a blind recluse, whose house was the way thieves (“breathe”). To doubt the coolness of this man is not necessary, and the character he got. Especially after the “resurrection”, he should be angrier, hehe. In short, the heroes secured the problem – and for all the following movies. Lang will not be back for a short cameo, and will be a key villain of all “Avatars”.

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Recall that we still have to wait quite a long time. According to the latest schedule of releases of films in the franchise looks like this:

“Avatar 2” – 2020
“Avatar 3” in 2021
“Avatar 4” – 2024
“Avatar 5” – 2025

Let’s hope the waiting will not be in vain. Although all people, but Cameron must not fail.

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