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Outraged bosses slam ‘objectification of human body’ after broadcaster shows close-up shots of top female climber’s buttocks

Graz-based star Johanna Farber angrily called for an end to “sexualizing women in sports” after a similar incident in June, urging people to condemn “disrespectful and upsetting” slow-motion clips and spend more time judging female athletes purely on their performance. Now Farber has received a strong public apology from the International Federation …

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Won’t someone think of the baby-killers? Anti-Semitism group outraged by Onion article on Israeli military, tries to doxx writer

Of all the hate crime watchdog groups out there, none are more hypersensitive than the anti-Semitism monitors. Disagree with a Jewish politician about tax policy? That’s anti-Semitism. Call another Jewish lawmaker “shifty?” Nice job, Hitler. Make fun of Israel’s heavy-handed policing of Palestinian territories? You’ll soon have the watchdogs breathing down …

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‘We must not let anything slide’: French govt ministers outraged by slew of anti-Semitic comments about Miss France contestant

“#MissFrance2021 is not an anti-Semitic competition,” Citizenship Minister Marlene Schiappa tweeted, sending her support to April Benayoum, Miss Provence and the first runner-up in this year’s Miss France contest. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said he was “deeply shocked” by the hate directed at the beauty queen. “We must not let …

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