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Spain found cave of the cannibals

В Испании найдена пещера каннибалов Archaeologists found in Spain, the traces of ancient cannibals.

Spanish archaeologists have discovered ancient cave of cannibals near Valencia.

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The researchers found that the age of human fragments, which are preserved in the cave of Santa Maira, nearly ten thousand years. Radiocarbon analysis showed that they appeared in the cave at one time.

At the moment, archaeologists have discovered 30 bones belonging, according to preliminary data, one child and two adults. On the bones have recorded signs of handling tools of stone, traces of human teeth and the effects of fire.

According to scientists in the Mesolithic period actively practiced cannibalism. However, it is not established that forced people to eat their own kind.

According to one version, in ancient times, the tribes faced each other. This is evidenced by the burial rituals and ancient beliefs – this could cause cannibalism.

However, some scientists oppose this theory, claiming that cases of cannibalism in the Mesolithic – is a rarity.

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