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Snow, death, and family values in the trailer for “Truck with apples”

I doubt that such a name would have remained in the film, get it before the Russian hire, but somehow you need to call it here and now, right? Applecart. Maybe it’s a reference to the idiom “upset the applecart” which means “to frustrate” or is this new Apple gadget and I still slept in his cave? Feel free to tell me I’m stupid.

Anyway, it became known that the Studio M3 Creative, issued at the time such a close as “In the final, John will die,” is working on a project called “the Cart with apples”, and in the Director’s chair sits brad Baruh, producer of the godnoty.

In the caste seen Barbara Crampton, whom we remember and love thanks to the film “Reanimator”, “from the Outside”, well, more modern horror like “You’re dead!”. In addition, you can pay attention to such actors as Bria Grant (TV’s “Dexter” and nostalgic horror film “Beyond the gates”), Daniel Roebuck (“final destination”), Alison Haislip (“Mega Shark vs Colossus”), joy Osmanski (TV series “Lucifer”), and finally chase Williamson (the same one that starred in “Behind the gates” and “At the end John dies”).

But about the plot of the film it is hard to say something intelligible. The family gathers in a secluded house outside winter lyutuet, and most likely, most of all the characters will be killed soon. Doesn’t sound too original. Fortunately, the trailer closer to the final movie is going incomprehensible hell and hard, so that the creators may be able to surprise us.

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