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US values in sharp decline – poll

The number of Americans who consider patriotism, religion, and other key “American values” important has fallen since the late 1990s and plummeted in the last four years, if a new Wall Street Journal poll is to be believed. Published on Monday, the poll found that the percentage of Americans who …

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How game companies twist Pride Month values for profit

Every year when the month of June comes around, there is a change in the air – everything is rainbow-coloured and paraded, and every corporation puts its best inclusivity hat on. The whole world, and especially the US, is no stranger to commercial exploitation of holidays. In that regard, the …

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EU ‘spat’ on its own values – Medvedev

European governments have “spat” on their own environmental values by embracing US oil extracted with the help of fracking technology, Russia’s former president has claimed. In a Telegram post titled “It’s not personal, just business” published on Monday, Dmitry Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president from 2008 till 2012 and …

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Why have Russians rejected the West’s ‘values?’

However, more than thirty years on and it is clear that Russians are in no hurry to emulate the liberal systems of countries like the US. One poll, released last month, revealed that nearly half of Russians say they don’t hold democratic values. Many Western pundits would quickly blame this …

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