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Smart intercom helped to solve a crime

Умный домофон помог раскрыть преступление

Smart intercom helped to solve a crime! In the neighborhood Park-2 in the Parking lot the accident occurred. Unfair driver fled the scene. As a device, installed at the entrance, helped to find the culprit? Found Andrei Mikhailyuk.

An unpleasant surprise was waiting for the resident of Chelyabinsk, Yulia Bachop. Someone keyed her car. But unscrupulous the driver left a note with a phone number. Find out who scratched the car, helped smart intercom with built in camera. On record it is visible as a silvery Lada Kalina from leaving the scene of an accident. The driver was a neighbor. Intercom system installed a year ago. She believes that without such a device to find the culprit would be more difficult.

Then Julia did not expect that the device will be able to help out in this situation. A video record is conducted around the clock and stored in a management company. Also using the app “Smart house” from the company Intersvyaz, residents of the neighborhood sent treatment, if the roof leaks or is not working the light in the stairwell.

Smart intercom also has a special button “SOS”. In case of a sudden attack intruders to the resident of the house.

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