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Most Americans believe feds helped incite Capitol riot – poll

More than six in ten Americans believe it’s at least “somewhat likely” that federal government agents helped provoke the January 2021 Capitol riot, a new poll has revealed, suggesting that media outlets have largely failed to brand the incident as an insurrection incited by then-President Donald Trump. The poll, released …

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US helped Ukraine ‘kill’ Russian generals – NYT

The US has assisted Kiev’s forces in killing Russian generals by sharing intelligence on their location inside Ukraine, the New York Times reported on Thursday, citing senior American officials. Washington reportedly provided Kiev with information on Russia’s mobile military headquarters, which are said to relocate frequently in the conflict zone. …

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US intel mistake helped Nazis spread disinfo, book claims

A US intelligence chief inadvertently helped the Nazis push disinformation during World War II after he continued using a cipher that had been compromised by the Germans, according to classified records discussed in a new book. In his new book, ‘Covert Legions: US Army Intelligence in Germany 1944-1949’, historian and …

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The pro-Nazi US official who helped shape post-war Germany

McCloy is an enormously significant figure in 20th century US history – as well as his war role, he went on to serve as World Bank president, US high commissioner for Germany, Council on Foreign Relations chair, and adviser to all presidents from Franklin D. Roosevelt to Ronald Reagan. That …

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‘Dark money’ organization may have helped Biden win

The Washington-based group raised $85 million and spent an even larger amount delivering millions of mail and digital notifications to voters during 2020, The Hill reported this week. Accessing the group’s tax filings, the news outlet noted that last year’s spending dwarfed the $14 million it spent during the previous …

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