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Semenchenko spoke harshly against Poroshenko

Семенченко жестко высказался в адрес ПорошенкоSemenchenko called Poroshenko “temporarily performing the duties of the President.”

The ex-commander of battalion Donbass and one of the organizers of the trade embargo semen Semenchenko called the Ukrainian President is temporarily performing duties.

About this he wrote in his appeal to the President in Facebook.

“Peter. I already wrote that for me personally, you is no longer the President of Ukraine. Wrote that it is possible for Ukraine it would be better to cancel the job. Because the PANOPTICON moral monsters who robbed Ukraine as President – really, really impressive. But I immediately encountered a problem. De facto and de jure position exists. If you are not the President, then who am I going to write? So I found a way out. Will write you how to temporarily perform the duties of the President. While the People of Ukraine will not find a more worthy candidate. Or until you decide the position to cancel”, – wrote in his appeal Semenchenko.

According to him, he does not know how many dead and wounded will be in the report of the headquarters of the ATO.

“But I understand that your trading partners will not rest. Very profitable war. But the guys from the Blockade not going anywhere. Too many of their brethren died in this war. Now the blockade continues. Trains to orcs and don’t go back. If, after some time, you decide to lift its temporary restrictions on trade with the enemy, veterans will not allow these trains to leave again. Guarantee. What I wanted you to write more? About your favorite people’s Deputy Vladimir Parasyuk. You called him “Deputy neuter” during a skirmish with alakozai. You said he mother. In all police stations in the Donetsk region passed the five-minute hate and demanded parasiuk plant. Offended “little green men” appeared in the hall of the Verkhovna Rada and complained on the floor. Fighting Parasiuk has become a new national idea for your kleptocracy. Only oops, Peter. Oops, Mr acting. And who do we have here in this video has police officers, rather policemen? Who tore off their helmets, someone swearing? Three members of the “neuter”. Poroshenko, Zinchenko, Tretyakov,” – said Semenchenko.

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