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Scientists were able to turn sunlight into fuel

Ученым удалось превратить солнечный свет в топливоScientists managed to turn sunlight into fuel.

For this they created a special installation.

Scientists from Zurich have been able to develop a special device, which from the air caught particles of CO2. Next, the machine uploads the collected gas in the greenhouse, thus increasing the effect of photosynthesis, which leads to the growth of the crop. Because as you know, through photosynthesis sunlight, water and carbon dioxide enter into complex chemical reactions, in which carbohydrates are obtained. The latter, in turn, are fed to the plants.

Workers of Harvard University are fixated on the question of creating an artificial leaf that can catch solar energy. By the way, a similar sheet will be a computer chip of small size, the beneficial effect of which will be equal to 10 percent. After research it became known that the efficiency of the artificial leaf 10 times more efficient than that of living vegetation.

Experts believe that the development and implementation of this technology in the future will make possible the conversion of sunlight into fuel. This type of energy production from the mixture of air, light and water can replace hydrocarbons. Besides, it is harmful to humans and the environment carbon dioxide can be converted into energy.

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