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Scientists shocked the public with the new ability of a person

Ученые шокировали общественность новой способностью человекаIt turns out that people know more than we thought.

Scientists at the Stanford University (USA) discovered the amazing ability of our brain to predict the outcome of future events, for example, vote or raise funds on Kickstarter.

In order to understand, we are able to anticipate the fluctuations of the financial market or the behavior of a group of people, Brian Knutson and his team scanned the brains of 30 volunteers at a time when they made the decision to invest in 36 projects on Kickstarter. When the crowdfunding campaign ended, it turned out that 18 of them have enough money to implement the plan. Thus somehow the subjects knew this in advance — the researchers found activity in a specific region of the brain in those cases when the subjects reflected on the successful future of the project.

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Helped biologists to detect this neural activity is the algorithm that they developed and tested on similar projects. He was able to predict which campaigns on Kickstarter will receive funding, with an accuracy of 59.1%. People showed a slightly worse result. Their prediction matched reality only 52.9% of cases. The team of Knutson was so impressed by the discovery that repeated experience with other participants and got the same result, writes New Scientist.

Precise explanation of this phenomenon the scientists there. Perhaps the fact that people when making decisions weighing different factors, not always listens to “view” the nucleus accumbens groups of neurons in the brain, which is responsible for the prediction when thinking about the financing of the project and about whether it will support other people. Since the activity of this brain region occurs at the beginning of the decision-making process, she comes to the surface of consciousness and is not always decisive. However, on average, people are more inclined to listen to it.

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Examining the visual cortex of the brain, the researchers of the Dutch University came to the conclusion that we literally can foresee the future — to fill the gaps in what is happening before our eyes, before the event happened.

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