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Scientists put forward new theory about the Sun

Ученые выдвинули новую неожиданную теорию о Солнце The researchers believe that the Sun may be a progenitor of new stars.

In the international scientific community widely discussed the new theory of cosmological changes in the final stage of evolution of the Sun. According to astrophysicists, our man with the inevitable loss of the outer shell will become the progenitor of a new star, destroying itself.

It is known that in the Universe there are no objects which are not subject to evolutionary change. In the space of continuously transformation at the level of galaxies and solar systems. Stars are born, having to put development cycle, end to exist, becoming another black hole. And these changes occur millions of years, although the Universe is not so much. The sun is no exception and, over time, lose their outer shell.

Ученые выдвинули новую неожиданную теорию о Солнце

However, astrophysicists have found that molecular clouds are thrown away in the last millions years of life of the Sun, able to create other stars. These objects, taking the “ancestor” of the ability of fusion, however, will be morphologically quite different, endowed with the qualities to a different evolutionary path. This discovery confirms the theory of the perfection of the Universe, which develops in a progressive way. However, in the end, it reaches its maximum, and starts to “fold” until you become the atom.

Ученые выдвинули новую неожиданную теорию о Солнце

Also and other celestial bodies are prone to evolution. Recently, scientists have discovered an invisible Black hole near Saturn that swallows flying side by side celestial body.

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