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Scientists made a sensational statement about the Bermuda triangle

Ученые сделали сенсационное заявление о Бермудском треугольникеScientists have unraveled the mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

According to the new statements of scientists, the mystery of the Bermuda triangle lies in the “bombs” that do not allow air and sea vessels to overcome the mystical countryside. “Bombs” experts have called an unusual hexagonal cloud hanging over the Bermuda triangle.

Scientists once again examined the pictures of mystic triangle and came to the conclusion that the mysterious crash of aircraft and ships can be attributed to “bombs”. According to the research, this type of cloud is capable of creating powerful gusts of wind and to provoke the strongest storms, informs

According to the hypothesis of experts, aircrafts and boats are just not able to overcome the force of the elements, generated by the hexagonal cloud. However, one mystical fact in the new opening is still present.

“Bombs” do not have clear boundaries and can appear in any area of the Atlantic, but, for some strange reason, the Bermuda triangle is their favourite place. Before this discovery the scientific society linked the disappearance of planes and ships with methane bubbles that formed on the seafloor.

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