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Scientists have uncovered the DNA of Ice age animals

Ученые раскрыли ДНК животных Ледникового периодаScientists found DNA from an endangered species, the origin of which could not figure out Charles Darwin in 1843.

DNA of a mammal and previously it was thought that is a mixture of the genome of the horse, rhinoceros and tapir.

For the first time, Charles Darwin discovered DNA hoofed mammals macrauchenia in 1843 in Argentina. The origin of these animals of Ice age era has put the scientist in a dead end. During the excavations were found the remains of macrauchenia which it was impossible to determine what kind of animals they are. It was assumed that they are the ancestors of the horse, but in their genes that has been contaminated by other animals.

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An international group of scientists re-discovered the DNA macrauchenia during excavations in a cave in Chile. The local climate has helped to preserve the DNA of animals, and thanks to modern technology, scientists have determined that macrauchenia are the ancestors of llamas. Thus, scientists reported that a mystery which could not allow Charles Darwin, can be considered open.

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