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Scientists have uncovered the cause of the abnormal rainfall

Ученые раскрыли причину аномальных ливнейScientists have linked extreme weather with climate change.

Scientists said that the increase in global temperatures by 0.5 degrees Celsius resulted in extreme weather conditions, in particular, strong thunderstorms and heavy rain, and prolonged heat waves.

In the study, researchers compared two periods: 1960-1979 and 1991-2010, between which the average temperature on earth has risen 0.5 degrees Celsius. During this period, average summer temperature increased by 1 degree Celsius, and winter – 2.5 degrees Celsius. In addition, the intensity of extreme precipitation over this period increased by 10%, and the duration of the period of dry heat for a week.

According to the researchers, these indicators fall within the boundaries of natural variability, that is caused by the burning of fossil fuels by man. The data are also consistent with models that showed that the increase in global temperature due to anthropogenic activities 2 degrees will double the number of crop failures, reduce the availability of fresh water and increased frequency of heat waves.

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