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Scientists have shown the unique galactic cluster “toothbrush”

Ученые показали уникальный снимок галактического кластера "Зубная щетка"A group of three galaxies permeate flow substances, one of which resembles a toothbrush.

Astronomers using the Very Large Array telescope got the clearest to date images of the galaxy cluster toothbrush.

The cluster 1RXS J0603.3+4214 permeate three filaments. The most notable stretches for six million light-years; its shape is reminiscent of the handle and the bristles of the toothbrush. In addition, the galaxy surrounded by a halo — a powerful stream of radiation is directed in all directions from the cluster. Radiation, as is commonly believed, are born in the collisions and mergers of galaxies.

The researchers combined images of the telescope with those obtained earlier with the help of Observatory Chandra images. The data obtained allowed to measure the filaments and the magnetic field of the cluster.

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