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Scientists have put forward a new hypothesis for the origin of Mars

Ученые выдвинули новую гипотезу возникновения МарсаIn fact, this “planetary embryo”, not a full-fledged planet.

The traditional hypothesis States that the Sun, planets and all other objects in the Solar system formed from a protoplanetary cloud billions of years ago.

However, not all astronomers and physicists agree. A new hypothesis States Grand Tack, Jupiter has migrated from its initial orbit, which significantly influenced the composition of the inner part of Solsystem. This assumes that Mars formed in the present asteroid field was close to the Sun.

This hypothesis was put forward by Ramon Brasser from the Institute of Earth Sciences at the Tokyo Institute of technology. Also in the study participated the representatives of the University of Colorado, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Dundee in the UK.

As it turned out, Earth and Mars, despite the formal similarities, very different chemical composition. This means that the Red planet formed in a different environment than Earth, and only then approached the Sun. Because of this, Mars has a low density and, as a consequence – the mass. In fact, this “planetary embryo”, not a full-fledged planet.

To confirm this was conducted by computer simulation, which showed that Jupiter really could “change the balance of power” in the early Solar system. As it turned out, the gas giant could attract Mars, its gravitational field and move to the current orbit.

From the point of view of the theory of probability, the validity of this hypothesis is 2%, which is roughly consistent with other hypotheses. While astrophysicists have too little data to draw conclusions. Meanwhile, if the new hypothesis will become dominant, scientists have to explain the presence of liquid water on Mars, because if it was formed in the asteroid belt, so he was farther from the Sun than it is now.

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