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Scientists have found that in the past was in place of the Sahara

Ученые выяснили, что в прошлом было на месте СахарыAfter extensive research of the Sahara desert scientists have come to the conclusion that 10 thousand years ago it was a huge oasis on the Earth.

How to tell the researchers and environmentalists Sahara, 10 thousand years ago the desert was inhabited by a huge number of animals and people. This ecosystem had all the necessities of life.

But due to orbital fluctuations of the earth’s axis has seen a dramatic change in the atmosphere.

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As shown by scientists, some regions of Africa slowly moving from wet climate to dry. But in the Sahara there have been dramatic changes in the climate, besides human activities, the use of natural resources in large quantities accompanied the destruction of the ecosystem of the Sahara.

Environmental scientists have noticed that the behavior of predators in relation to prey influences the landscape as a whole. So, ruminants can not be long in the scorching sun and open areas because they become easy prey. The animals destroyed all the vegetation in the oasis, and due to changes of climate and flora did not have time to recover.

So Sugar and turned into a desert. As scientists warn that such effects can expect the Land after deforestation.

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