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Scientists have explained how climate change affects the nature

Ученые рассказали, как изменение климата влияет на характерCan climate change affect people’s identities?

A new study suggests that people may change depending on the temperature in their habitats. This means that, as climate change affects temperatures all over the world, this may be followed, and changes in human behavior.

According to a new study, many aspects of the human personality vary from one geographical region to another. But the reasons for these differences, the identity remained unclear.

According to senior author lei Wang, a social psychologist at Peking University and his colleagues, one possible explanation is temperature. Because temperatures vary greatly around the world, the study authors reasoned that this factor can shape the personality, influencing people’s habits. For example, temperature can affect whether people are studying their environment, interact with others or participate in a collective work outdoors.

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But instead of just out grew the people in hot or cold climates, researchers have taken a different path, exploring whether increased people in a mild climate where the temperature is about 22 degrees Celsius or they lived in places with more extreme temperatures.

In a new article researchers conducted two separate studies in two major countries – China and the United States.

The researchers analyzed data from more than 5,500 people from 59 Chinese cities and data of approximately 1.66 million of the approximately 12 500 areas in the United States. They studied personal data about the person, but also the average temperatures of the places where these people grew up.

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Scientists have discovered that people who grew up in a climate with more moderate temperatures overall were more pleasant, conscientious, emotionally stable and open to new experiences. These data have been fair to the people in both countries, despite gender and age differences.

According to researchers, moderate temperatures may affect the identity, encouraging social interaction.

The study’s authors noted that understanding the potential effects of temperature on personality is still more research is needed. However, the researchers noted that “people change as climate change”.

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