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Scientists have discovered a black hole with unusual features

Ученые открыли черную дыру с необычными возможностямиThis conclusion was made after studying galaxy clusters, the Phoenix.

Astrophysicists made a startling discovery. They have discovered a unique black hole, which creates new stars.

This discovery was made by scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of technology, who were engaged in the observation of the galaxy cluster Phoenix at a distance of 5.7 billion light years from Earth. Phoenix has almost 1 thousand of galaxies and the large-scale is in the center of the cluster. Observing the changes in this area in the past has been discovered that in the Central part of the cluster is the formation of a huge number of celestial bodies with incredible speed, approximately 1 thousand stars per year. Therefore, learned and paid great attention to this phenomenon and as a result, they have discovered a unique black hole.

Astrophysicists explain that a black hole will emit large amounts of hot gas, the so-called “jets” that form some bubbles, which are discharged in the environment, moving along a certain trajectory. In this process, formed a special “fuel”, which is usually the galaxy uses to create stars.

The scientists explained that, as a rule, these are the jets heat the gas around the black hole and the conditions for the creation of new stars are suppressed. Here, the opposite is happening and now it’s safe to say that the black hole not only absorbs everything around it, but also can produce the special fuel for the generation of new stars.

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