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Scientists found out when Mars was an ocean

Ученые узнали, когда на Марсе был океанScientists came to the conclusion that the now-desert planet Mars once had enough water to ensure living beings.

According to data published in the scientific journal of Ufa News ToDay, the Red planet more than 4 billion years ago had a sizable ocean.

It contained a quantity of water more than now to be in the Arctic ocean of our planet. To this conclusion came from an international group of astronomers who has long studied the ratio of water in the atmosphere of Mars.

According to scientists, the main part of the Martian sea was concentrated in the Northern hemisphere of the planet. Depth of open water in some places could reach 1,600 metres.

To know the approximate amount of water helped analyze the planet’s atmosphere. The fact is that when water evaporates, are sometimes left in the air.

To clarify, it is proved that the Red planet had two types of water: H2O and heavy НDО. D is the hydrogen isotope deuterium.

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