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Scientists found a “voracious” galaxy

Ученые отыскали «прожорливую» галактикуThe unusual galaxy was discovered by scientists in the constellation of the Furnace.

Scientists discovered in the constellation Oven interesting the galaxy, already and named it “galaxy-eater”. In their research they came to the conclusion that this cluster of stars poses a serious threat to other nebulae, it can destroy.

This galaxy, which astronomers klassificeret NGC-1316, is currently “devouring” her nearby spiral galaxy NGC-1317, which has a slightly smaller size.

A feature of the NGC-1316 is the fact that this “galaxy-eater” shows the emission of high intensity at frequencies around 1.4 GHz. Such powerful sources of radiation exposure are very rare.

In itself the presence of radiation indicates that in this galaxy there are processes that convert matter. But when it is such a huge force that, according to scientists, can mean only one thing.

In NGC-1316 there are processes for the destruction of a huge number of objects, followed by the release of huge amounts of energy. A devastating effect also causes the appearance of dense clouds of dust and gases.

To overcome this obstacle can only radiation with a high frequency, which on Earth is much easier to fix.

What happens after NGC-1316 completed the process of destroying NGC-1317, scientists still can not say. They do not exclude a possible space explosion and the appearance of two new black holes.

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