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Scientists explained how to apply the medication in the space

Ученые объяснили, как действуют лекарства в космосеScientists have conducted a number of studies related to the effects of drugs during the stay of people in space.

Deputy Director of the Institute of biological problems Valery Bogomolov has shared with journalists the results of long-term experiments.

He noted that a number of drugs starts to work differently than on Earth, since the weightlessness of the metabolic processes in the body are different, and also changes the speed of distribution of substances in the organs.

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During the experiments we used different drugs, including narcotics, but then scientists have learned that they have a positive effect in the treatment of ailments.

Before American colleagues have discovered a group of antibiotics, which badly interacts with the human body exposed to cosmic radiation.

It has also been found in astronauts after returning home, impaired immunity, but so far scientists are unable to pinpoint the cause of such a process.

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