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Scientist from Australia made a loud statement about the Bermuda triangle

Ученый из Австралии сделал громкое заявление о Бермудском треугольникеThe scientist dismissed the “mystical version” of the Bermuda triangle.

The Bermuda triangle, which stretches from Florida to Puerto Rico and Bermuda in the North Atlantic ocean, for many years has left scientists and sailors at an impasse. On his “conscience” 1000 ruined lives, 20 planes and 50 ships over the last hundred years. On average, five planes continue to disappear in this area every year.

Famous Australian scientist Karl krushelnitsky broadcast denied the “mystical version” of this mysterious place.

According to the scientist, the percentage of the number of ships and planes that disappear here is the same as in other places.

“It’s close to the equator, near the rich part of the world, America, so there is a lot of traffic,” he says.

According to Krushelnytskoho, the myth about the Bermuda triangle appeared when several large military convoys – and subsequent rescue missions – sank between the First and Second world wars. In fact it was affected by the horrible changeable weather, as well as less strong ships and aircraft of those times.

Some of the pilots who were missing, were also prone to make disastrous mistakes, including frequently getting lost, drinking alcohol before flying and even going on a voyage without appropriate aircraft equipment on Board.

In most cases, the body and the wreckage was never found, but this is not surprising, given the huge amount of water, which is incredibly deep. Even today, the wreckage of planes and ships rarely find, despite the serious progress in the development of technology.

Recently, people assumed that the ships absorb the bubbles of methane rising from the depths of the sea. But in this version there is also a problem: in the triangle there are no stocks of this gas.

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