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Scary Potter: the cover of “Harry Potter” in the horror style

One of the most popular book in the world cycles safely be considered the “Harry Potter” by JK Rowling. The story of a boy wizard flew around the world many millions of copies, adaptations with Daniel Radcliffe in the title role appeared army of fans, and the kids actors from Hogwarts before our eyes grew into stars.

The “Harry Potter” is difficult to classify to the dark genres, although the latest books darkness becomes much more. But it’s certainly not horror. But what if Rowling was working in our favorite genre?.. Concept artist and Illustrator Dylan Pierpont (Pierpont Dylan) was once visited by similar thoughts. Thus was born the series of horror art “Scary Potter”.

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Looks not just cool but very cool. Just want to step into a parallel universe where these books can be sold. There’re certainly content should please the horror fan… Well, down with fancy, look at the picture. Seven books, seven covers with recognizable elements, seven dark and stylish artifacts. “Scary Potter” in all its glory.

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