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Scandal in Kiev: drunken judge staged a showdown with the cops

Скандал в Киеве: пьяная судья устроила разборки с копамиAt first the judge Kitsyuk patrol asked just pit the car.

In Kiev, the police detained the judge of Solomensky court of Victoria Kitsyuk, which violated the rules of the road and staged a showdown with the patrol. The case gains public attention, because at first, everyone thought that “the judge of Solomensky court of Victoria Kitsyuk was a victim of arrogant, aggressive police patrol”. But then in a network there was video to prove otherwise.

About this on his page in Facebook wrote the head of the Department of the interior Ministry patrol Evgeny Zhukov, known as signal Marshal.

He said that the car with the judge stopped in the middle of the narrow street and thereby blocked the traffic in both directions. Among the cars caught in traffic was the patrol police. At first the judge Kitsyuk asked just pit the car.

“At the same time joined the “fool” – I’m not me, not my car, I’m not a driver, I “Pascal”, the husband will come, etc. All this was accompanied by calls to the Prosecutor General. In fact, there and started calling in the Office of the patrol police: “What, but how!?” – he wrote.

The patrol then asked the judge to produce documents. She refused and police were forced to detain her.

“Holy Victoria” was arrested. Came drunk “friend” and far from him the stragglers friend (perhaps, too, the judge). Well, there is video there is: “Rogue, you for 8 thousand mother to sell.” So here I think the highest caste of judges on patrol the police,” – said Zhukov.

“I’m even afraid to imagine what would be their judge this gorgeous lady so juicy smokes a cigarette (video). Hard, but I’m not going to put guys under pressure. Really like would be that this information reached the President. Such “law-abiding” the judges much reach! But you pit the car and show me some documents!” – said the head of the Department of the interior Ministry patrol.

In turn, the judge denies his guilt and accuses the police of incompetence.

“So what is the offence which in the opinion of the men in black was the place to be, with it punishable by a verbal warning? Without drawing up a single document in challenging the alleged event?! And the cuffs are not special funds,” she wrote.

The judge noted that the blood test will be on Friday 24 February and demanded that unveiled the full version of the DVR can police, without cuts.

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